Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight Review [Hands-On]

Olight touts the M2R Pro Warrior as the “next level in tactical flashlights.” 

In fact:

The Pro Warrior is about $150 cheaper than most high-end flashlights. And some have claimed it’s better.

But is that true? Or is it all marketing hype?

Let’s find out…


You’ll find that lumens and candela are the two absolute most important aspects of any flashlight. 

If you’re unfamiliar with what lumens are, they essentially are the amount of visible light that comes from a light source. They are the first part of the equation for good lighting. 

Olight M2R PRO Warrior Flashlight Front Bezel

The M2R has a variable amount of lumens, 1800 at its highest “turbo” setting to 1 lumen at its lowest. Seems pretty intense right? 

That’s because it is. 

Your average handheld flashlights hover at about 100 lumens, while higher-end lights trend higher than that, usually up to 600-700 (excluding turbo/high power modes). 

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight Protective Glass

The MR2 has a superb amount of lumens at its max setting, but running that level can drain your battery quickly. It will only last 4.5, 145 minutes, then 45 minutes. 

I don’t recommend using the highest setting unless you’re trying to blind someone. 

I’d chill out at Level 3 which will last you about 10 hours at 60 lumens; it’s less impressive but more practical.

Within that context, 800 lumens is a big deal. 

Let me rephrase that, it’s a big deal if the candela can match. A handheld flashlight (for my purposes) is basically useless if the candela isn’t high enough. 


Candela is of equal importance when determining if a light is of good quality. When you hear people say “candela,” they are referring to how focused the light is. 

Without a good candela, your light would just be flooding everywhere without much focus or intensity. 

The M2R Pro has a candela of 22,400, which produces a nice and intense light. Everything in the light cone is easy to identify. It’s clear, it’s bright, and has a very impressive reach of about 300 meters, or 328 yards. 

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight Logo

This is very good for a handheld light. 

The only downside of the higher intensity modes is that you can actually blind yourself if you’re not careful about what levels you choose in different scenarios. To remedy this, be sure you know your “mission” and be familiar with the light settings on all of your flashlights. 

The candela for the M2R Pro is satisfactory and is up to snuff with many of its current counterparts. 


Despite some of Olight’s quality control issues in the past, the M2R Pro is a mostly solid flashlight. 

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight Texture

The body is constructed with AL6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy. 

The length is an inconspicuous 5.3 inches. Likely shorter the distance between your wrist and the tip of your middle finger. 

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight Length

The M2R’s weight is a light 6.13 ounces, and that’s with the included 21700 lithium-ion battery.

This brings me to the one gripe I have with the construction of this flashlight: the lens. 

A flashlight’s lens protects the actual fragile bulb in the body. The lense on the M2R and Olights in general are more prone to breaking than other brands. However, mine hasn’t broken yet.

Run Time

The Olight M2R Pro Warrior has varying run times. It’s all dependent on the power level you prefer to use.

Olight M2R PRO Warrior Flashlight Switch

At the highest setting you get 1800 lumens, then 750, and finally 250. This will last you 4.5 minutes, 145 minutes, and 45 minutes, respectively.

If you go as low as possible, you’ll achieve 1 lumen, able to run for 50 days.

For a more reasonable approach, you can turn the light on to 250 lumens for a nice 10 hours.


There’s only one shortcoming with the Olight M2R Pro Warrior flashlight: battery and charging. 

More specifically, the magnetic tail cap charging.

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight Charging Speeds

Some research indicates that using magnetic charging can seriously damage the longevity of your battery, particularly lithium-ion batteries, which is what the MR2 utilizes. 

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight Charging

While it is convenient, I’m not willing to sacrifice my battery’s life in order to make my life more convenient.

There is a fix for this though. 

You’ll need to purchase a charger for the specific battery that the M2R Pro uses. It’s a little more difficult, but you’ll be much better off with a battery that will last you for years.


The Olight M2R Pro Warrior will cost around $110. That’s a lot cheaper than most high-end flashlights. About $150 dollars less in fact.

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight Packaging

Olight M2R Pro Review: Is it worth it?

I would say yes, especially for those new to personal, high-end flashlights. 

Here’s why:

  • Bright
  • Durable
  • Clear & focused 
  • Great battery life
  • Far reach (328 yards)

Every morning, I run three miles, carrying my M2R Pro (and of course, running holster). And to date, the M2R Pro has never failed me.

In short: If you’re looking for a high-end flashlight with a low-end price tag, I’d recommend giving the Olight M2R Pro Warrior a shot. 

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