CZ Redhead Premier Review: Best Budget Over/Under Shotgun?

In this CZ Redhead Premier review, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about this shotgun.


  • Accuracy
  • Handling
  • Trigger
  • Lots more

So if you’re wondering if the CZ Redhead Premier is worth the price, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started!

Over/Under Shotguns: A Quick History

Over/under shotguns are one of the most timeless, reliable, and accessible guns since they were first introduced.

Today, they’re recognized as a great gun for owners of all experience levels, from new enthusiasts at the range, to experienced hunters out in the field.

They offer a simple, but reliable design that has stood the test of time to remain one of the most popular guns sold not only in the U.S., but the entire world over.

They are still especially popular in the U.K. and Europe due to the tight gun restrictions limiting owning anything more than a gun “used for sport”, making over/under shotguns an extremely appealing option for those still seeking to find a useful gun that meets those restrictive requirements.

One newer weapon in this lineage comes from one of those European nations via the Czech manufacturer, CZ and their American counterpart, CZ-USA.

CZ Redhead Premier Review

Known for creating a wide array of great weapons, CZ manufactures reliable models of everything from pistols and revolvers, to shotguns and rifles.

Their flagship model of shotgun is the CZ Redhead Premier, available in both 12 and 20-gauges, with 26-inch and 28-inch barrels available for each caliber.

Known for being able to offer first-rate, quality weapons at a reasonable price, CZ has not disappointed again with this gun, it is a fantastic value that shoots great in any occasion.

Here’s My CZ Redhead Premier Review

Before I dive into the review, I’d like to clarify a few things:

First off, by nature over/under shotguns are not designed for distance shooting and should not be used for that purpose.

If you’re looking to do long-range shooting, then check out my .338 Lapua rifle guide.

So, if you’re going to buy this gun for target shooting at distance, you’re going to be disappointed because the CZ Redhead Premier wasn’t made for that.

Taking it deer hunting may be a bit of a challenge as well. But again, that would be using the gun for something it wasn’t designed to do.

The CZ Redhead Premier was however, made perfectly for skeet or clay target shooting, hunting birds and other small game — and it does that exceedingly well.

After reviewing the CZ Redhead Premier, I found it a pleasure to shoot and overall a fantastic gun for a number of reasons. Starting with…


While you won’t ever need a sight on an over/under shotgun, they aren’t designed to be inherently accurate at a distance.

Instead, CZ’s Redhead Premier is deadly accurate at short to medium ranges, making it a perfect choice for skeet shooting and hunting alike.

This gun includes five flush-mounted choke tubes (F, IC, C, M, IM), solid mid-ribs, pistol grip, laser-cut checkering, and a fully CNC’ed receiver ensuring that perfect fit and feel that lets you hit precisely what you’re aiming at.


CZ uses chrome-finished steel that is incredibly strong, and a fully-CNC’ed receiver ensures that you can shoot thousands and thousands of shells without any issue.

In other words:

It’s insanely reliable, just like my .45 ACP Carbine rifle. The independent auto-ejectors are easy to clean and maintain.

CZ’s design does not disappoint when it comes to quality, and the Redhead Premier’s fantastic craftsmanship ensures that this gun will have a very long life…regardless of how much or little you use it.


Although made for the masses, this gun still feels custom-made. It fits and feels amazing.

At just under 8 pounds in weight and 46 inches in overall length, the Redhead Premier handles exceptionally well…

…not at all like the old, unwieldy shotguns that many might conjure up when thinking of these weapons.

Nothing could be further from the truth with the CZ Redhead Premier — it handles as well as it shoots, exceptionally.


The CZ has a mechanical selectable trigger that allows for independent selection of each barrel.

CZ Redhead Premier trigger

Although it can feel a bit stiff out of the box, after shooting it a few times the trigger is excellent and has a clean and easy pull every time.


With this design, there is no “magazine”. Instead, one round at a time is loaded into each barrel.

As with the rest of their design, CZ kept to the tested design of an over/under shotgun, but somehow managed to make some marked improvements as well.

CZ Redhead Premier over under shotgun

Like what?

The CZ Redhead Premier features independent auto-injectors for each barrel, ensuring a clean ejection of every spent shell, and easy reloading of a new one.

The solid construction of the receiver makes for a very smooth and reliable break when reloading, adding to the overall reliability and durability of this shotgun.

Length & Weight

Clocking in at just 7.7 pounds, the 26” barrel length, 12-gauge version of the CZ Redhead Premier is a more than comfortable gun to shoot, like my best all around rifle.

The 28” barrel length variant weighs just a bit more at 7.9 pounds, and the 20-gauge models come in at 6.7 pounds for the 26” barrel, and 6.9 pounds for the 28” barrel.

CZ Redhead Premier barrel

The overall length varies on whether you choose either the 26-inch or 28-inch barrel, with the 26” barrel models measuring in at 43.75 inches total, and the 28” barrel models measuring 45.75 inches in length.

The overall weight and length will depend on what specific variations you prefer, but overall the CZ Redhead Premier is an easy gun to pick up and handle.


Over/under shotguns have such little recoil that they are a popular choice for youth shooters, and the Redhead Premier shines here again.

The separate design elements and choices all come together to create a more than manageable recoil on this shotgun.

It shoots nice and clean, with the almost custom-made feel, comfortable trigger pull and overall solid design leading to an over/under shotgun that is very easy to shoot, and even easier on the shooter.


While the novice may expect that a “simpler” gun would be cheaper, that is not usually the case with over/under shotguns.

In fact, the CZ Redhead Premier manages to deliver a high-quality, top-notch over/under shotgun without breaking the bank.

Listed at retail for $988.00 USD, the Redhead Premier easily offers the design, quality and features of a gun twice that price.

CZ simply made a quality shotgun at an affordable price, imagine that.

CZ Redhead Premier Review: Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for a reliable, budget-friendly shotgun, then the CZ Redhead Premier is for you. Here’s why:

  • Craftsmanship – Dubious outsiders might view the Czech Republic as a conspicuous place to trust for good weapons, but the former soldiers who formed CZ know their guns. They designated the Redhead Premier a ‘flagship’ gun for their company, and the craftsmanship that went into it shows with an ergonomic design that doesn’t sacrifice on strength or reliability.
  • Durability – By simply highlighting the natural elements that make an over/under shotgun an intrinsically simple yet reliable firearm, CZ has delivered a model in the Redhead Premier that will hold up more than just well. If properly maintained, this weapon will last you across dozens of years and through thousands of shells.
  • Value – The number one reason to own this gun is the value; over/under shotguns are a great choice, but they aren’t for everyone. Some people won’t like the simplicity, the lack of range, or the two-shell capacity. For those who know the value of a good shotgun however know (or easily recognize) that the CZ Redhead Premier is more than a good shotgun, it’s a brilliant over/under shotgun that more than delivers in every capacity that matters. Most of the time you’d pay more than twice the $988.00 USD for the features and quality of a gun like this. But CZ delivers the Redhead Premier at a low price, without lowering the quality.

Overall the CZ Redhead Premier is an incredible weapon that will impress even the hardest to please gun aficionado.

The Redhead Premier is an over/under shotgun that provides a comfortable, easy and consistent shot, without sacrificing any durability or taking too much out of the capability.

It’s a gun you’ll want in your collection, and it won’t break the bank to buy it.

Speaking of guns that won’t break the bank, if you’re interested in a handgun, check out my Glock 32 .357 SIG review.

9 thoughts on “CZ Redhead Premier Review: Best Budget Over/Under Shotgun?”

  1. Great review, sounds like a must have O\ U I am looking to purchase a break gun, this might be the one.Finally a gun that will fit my buget. Thanks for all the info

  2. I have used a CZ 20-ga for five or six upland bird seasons, doing two hunts a day for four days. This gun is easy to carry, swings well, loads easily, and is as accurate as my Citori at half the cost. I recommend CZ every chance I get.

    • The CZ Redhead premier is manufactured for CZ-USA by Huglu in Turkey. The Huglu 103DE is the same gun as the Redhead.

      • I purchased a 12 ga CZ Redhead Premier this week based on feel and price point. Didn’t have time to shoot any clays as I was invited to pheasant hunt within a few days. Dropped a nice Rooster, 1st if the season, with the first pull of the trigger of my new CZ. I am 63 years old and don’t hunt near as much as I did in my younger day. It fits me great.

  3. I just bought my CZ Readhead premiere and it was awesome hitting clays with ease.
    Great accuracy and impressed me right away.
    Get one!

  4. Come on,,,,I,ve shot 1000 rounds thru my redhead and 1000 rounds thru my Elite absolute very fine over n under,s trigger pull is light aiming thru clays is very comfortable handling the firearm is very comfortable..bought both at the age of 84 yrs and still shooting the both and two others a year later …anyone “wanna` compete with me?????


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