Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades [2022]: Triggers, Optics & More

Today I’m going to show you the best ruger 10/22 upgrades on the market today.

In fact:

I’ve hand-tested over 50 Ruger 10/22 accessories alone for this review.

The best part?

I’ve sorted them by use. So whether you’re looking for a budget stock or premium trigger, you’ll find it here.

Let’s get started!

The Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades

If you’re pressed on time, here’s a quick list of the best ruger 10/22 upgrades:

  1. Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock: Best Overall
  2. Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock: Most Comfortable 10/22 Stock
  3. ProMag Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock: Best Tactical 10/22 Stock
  4. Timney 10/22 Drop-in Trigger Assembly: Best Overall
  5. Ruger 10/22 BX-Trigger: Best Lightweight
  6. Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Trigger Guard 2000: Most Versatile
  7. Monstrum 3-9×32 Scope
  8. Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling
  9. Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail
  10. Ruger BX-1: Best Rotary 10/22 Magazine
  11. Alangator TriMag Clip Connector: Best 10/22 Magazine Clip Connector
  12. Butler Creek Hot Lips Clear Magazine: Best Budget 10/22 Magazine
  13. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40: Best 10/22 Optic
  14. Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot: Best Budget Red Dot
  15. Simmons Truplex Riflescope: Best for the Budget
  16. Volquartsen Bolt Tune Up Kit
  17. Volquartsen 10/22 & Magnum Exact Edge Extractor
  18. Volquartsen 10/22 Bolt Release
  19. CCI Mini-Mag HP: Best Overall .22 Ammo
  20. Aguila Super Extra HP: Best for Hunting
  21. CCI Standard Velocity: Best for Competition
  22. Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Barrel: Best Overall
  23. Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel: Best Lightweight 10/22 Barrel
  24. Tactical Solutions X-Ring Open Sight Barrel: Best for Accuracy

Best 10/22 Stocks

1. Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock: Best Overall

The Ruger 10/22 is hardly a new firearm, but the Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock brings a stylish and practical addition to the table.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock

The updated look and feel of this gun check a lot of things on my list.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock

It has that modern feel, but is there more to this stock, or is it a new coat of paint on an old platform?

Here’s my review of the Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock.


Like virtually all of Magpul’s accessories and furniture, this stock is made with their reinforced polymer.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock

If you’ve held anything Magpul, then you know exactly what kind of material I’m talking about.

That’s basically it.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock

There’s a couple of extras like sling mounts, an MLOK portion for attachments, and a rubber stock pad, but aside from that this stock is pretty barebones, which really isn’t a bad thing in this case.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock rubber pads


With this stock comes a reversible barrel tray that works with factory pencil profiles or heavy bull barrels.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock rubber stock pads

There’s a couple of extras as well like sling mounts, an MLOK portion for attachments, and a rubber stock pad, but aside from that this stock is pretty barebones, which really isn’t a bad thing in this case.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock rubber stock pads

Also available is an optional cheek rise kit going from .25”, .50”, and finally to .75”


I love Magpul products, their feel has always been great and the Hunter X-22 is no different.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock signature

I felt immediately at home as soon as I picked it up, so fear not, this stock doesn’t have any notable changes from Magpul’s signature design.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock signature

The best thing about the X-22 is that it turns a sort of dinky rifle into something that feels less like a toy and more like a real firearm.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock signature

Many companies cater to people who want to have a lower profile, but for the sake of comfort, an increase in size is necessary!

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock


It’s not too bad on the wallet either.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock

The Magpul Hunter X-22 is going to cost you just shy of $133.

Is the Magpul Hunter X-22 worth it?

I’d say you should give it a shot, if it for functionality and comfort, then just for style.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock

Either way, the Magpul X-22 Hunter stock is worth your money. Stack that with the best Ruger 10/22 scope and you’ll have one hell of a rifle.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock
Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock for Ruger 10/22, Black
1,579 Reviews
Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock for Ruger 10/22, Black
  • An ergonomic, full-featured Stock for the ubiquitous ruger 10/22 rifle; drop-in design compatible with all factory Ruger 10/22 .22 LR receivers; no gunsmithing Necessary
  • Features an ergonomic grip, adjustable length of pull and comb height to fit a wide variety of shooters; reinforced polymer construction for strength and durability
  • Multiple sling mounting options, a non-slip rubber butt-pad, and m-lok slots for accessory attachment

2. Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock: Most Comfortable 10/22 Stock

The Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock is the most comfortable stock to upgrade your rifle!

I was not happy with the feel of my standard synthetic stock, so I chose Hogue to update my stock.

Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock

I was so happy with the big differences the little change made.

Check it out:

Ease of Install

This rubber stock is so incredibly simple to install.

Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock

It’s just a single bolt, that only needs to be tightened to hand-tight. Other accessories that I’ve purchased helped my shooting, but they aren’t always as easy to add to the build.

I didn’t need to stress out about my armorer skill with this install. It was so simple and the directions provided were clear as day.

Touch and Texture

The big news here is the comfort of the touch and texture.

Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock grip

The rubber has a great feel and texture to it. There is also added weight thanks to the more solid construction supporting the comfortable rubber.

Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock

It feels better in pretty much every way.

Improved Accuracy

Changing up to the grippy, tacky stock, this addition eliminates my slip.

5 Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock grip

Eliminating slip in the back gives me improved accuracy from the front. For a passive part, that’s a big plus.

5 Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock rubber pad


The Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock impressed me in every way. It was super easy to install and is the most comfortable ruger 10/22 stock upgrade.

Hogue, Rubber Overmolded Stock for Ruger, 10-22 Standard
483 Reviews
Hogue, Rubber Overmolded Stock for Ruger, 10-22 Standard
  • Sleek Straight Comb
  • Palm Swells
  • Varminter Style Forend

The overall quality of this carbine part makes the whole rifle feel so much better. The improvement to my shooting is an awesome bonus.

If you’re ready to step up your game too, here you go!

3. ProMag Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock: Best Tactical 10/22 Stock

The ProMag Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock is the best 10/22 stock to turn your rifle into a tactical machine.

It’s a drop-in stock, meaning it’s simple to install with no gunsmithing required. It’s designed for non-takedown 10/22 barrels, so it should fit all standard 18.5” barrels nicely and work with all standard magazines. It’ll probably take you just around 45 minutes to completely break down the old rifle and install the new stock.

ProMag Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock

It is pretty tight fitting. Some people claim you need to sand or file the barrel to get it to fit, but I’ve found that as long as you lube it and take your time, it fits just right!

With the Archangel, ProMag took the time to craft a very high-quality, durable stock. It’s made from a polymer construction with carbon fiber reinforcement, and aluminum-reinforcement along the M1913 Picatinny top rail. It looks great, and handles even better.

ProMag Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock

The Archangel is a 6-position, collapsible stock with a pistol grip. It includes a folding buttstock with a recoil pad for extra comfortability.

It’s loaded with features, like extended bolt and magazine releases, an aluminum hand stop with a QD swivel socket sling mount, and windage/elevation adjustable removable sights. It even comes with an aluminum flash hider and a dummy suppressor.

ProMag Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock

You’ll have no problems attaching extra optics, thanks to the Picatinny top rail and bottom handguard. If you’re traveling with any extra equipment, you can carry it in the two storage compartments within the stock!

It weighs around 3 lbs, and the buttstock folds about 8”. With the buttstock fully-extended on a standard 18.5” barrel, the overall length measures just over 36”. With it completely folded, it’s just over 28”.

ProMag Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock

I’d recommend this stock to anyone who wants to turn their 10/22 into a tactical weapon. Depending on where you buy from, it costs between $160 – $180 and includes either a 10 or 25-round magazine. Some retailers even offer a lifetime warranty!

ProMag Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock

This is a high-quality constructed weapon from a dependable company that will completely change the look and feel of your Ruger 10/22.

Best 10/22 Triggers

1. Timney 10/22 Drop-in Trigger Assembly: Best Overall

The Timney 10/22 Drop-in Trigger Assembly is the best trigger upgrade for the Ruger 10/22.

This is the assembly to set the standard for aftermarket 10/22 triggers.

Timney 1022 Drop-in Trigger Assembly

It’s one of the best drop-in trigger groups available, made by a very reputable company.

Each trigger is hand-assembled and held to Tinmey’s strict, high-quality production standards.

It’s made from a single piece of CNC-machined, 6061-T6 aircraft-grade billet aluminum, and the trigger, sear, and hammer are all wire EDM cut and heat-treated for durability.

You shouldn’t have any reliability issues with the Timney trigger. But on the off chance you do, Timney always provides excellent customer service and offers a lifetime warranty on their triggers.

Timney 1022 Drop-in Trigger Assembly

Installation is very quick and simple. Just remove the action from the stock, remove the two pins and trigger assembly, drop in the Timney, and replace the pins! Simple as that.

Timney 1022 Drop-in Trigger Assembly

The shape is somewhere between flat and curved, but still very comfortable. It fits the receiver snugly, even on my old, worn-out 10/22 rifle.

The pull weight is advertised as 2.75 lbs.

It does break closer to 3 lbs, but that’s still less than half the weight of the factory trigger!

The pull is clean, crisp, and consistent with no take-up or creep whatsoever. The only movement you’ll feel is the hammer dropping.

Timney 1022 Drop-in Trigger Assembly

The reliability and the lightness of it make it perfect for small and big game hunting, target shooting, even competition use.

Not only that, but my marksmanship improved significantly once I switched to this trigger!

It essentially cut my groups in half. The minute I installed it, I noticed a huge difference in precision.

Timney 1022 Drop-in Trigger Assembly

From 50 yards, my average 5-shot group was no bigger than .5”!

The assembly even includes an extended magazine release and auto bolt release that are clear upgrades from the original parts.

Timney 1022 Drop-in Trigger Assembly

The mag release can be manipulated with just one hand, making it much more user-friendly. Once you fire the last shot, just use your middle finger to reach up and release the mag!

The auto bolt release can also be operated with one hand. Like the magazine release, it’s much smoother than the factory piece.

Timney 1022 Drop-in Trigger Assembly

Here’s the biggest downside to the Timney:

The price.

Retailing around $245, it’s one of the most expensive 10/22 trigger upgrades.

You can find it online for a lower price, around $180 – $200, but either way, it’s a significant investment.

But, this price does include the entire trigger assembly, a cross-bolt safety, the bolt release, and the magazine release.

You’re investing in much more than a trigger here. The Timney is an excellent upgrade for your rifle as a whole, one that will improve your shot groups, reliability, and shooting stamina.

2. Ruger 10/22 BX-Trigger: Best Lightweight

The Ruger 10/22 BX-Trigger is the best lightweight 10/22 trigger upgrade available.

One of the few complaints people ever have about the 10/22 is its heavy factory trigger.

Ruger 1022 BX-Trigger

The BX-Trigger cuts this weight in half, giving you better accuracy, control, and speed!

This is one of the most essential Ruger 10/22 must have upgrades. It’s compatible with all 10/22 rifles and Charger pistols, and because it’s made by the Ruger Factory, it looks and weighs exactly the same as the stock trigger.

Ruger 1022 BX-Trigger

The only noticeable difference?

The trigger pull.

The decrease in pull weight alone, in my opinion, makes the upgrade worth it. While the factory trigger doesn’t break until ~6 lbs, the BX consistently breaks between just 2 – 2.5 lbs!

Compared to the original, there’s far less creep and overtravel, and virtually no take-up at all.

The break is smooth and crisp, and the reset is quick.

Ruger 1022 BX-Trigger

The difference in accuracy compared to the factory trigger is astounding.

I’ve consistently achieved noticeably smaller groups using the BX. I’ve also noticed my rifle firing faster than it did when I used the factory trigger.

The drop-in is incredibly simple. It takes fifteen minutes, at most, to install, and all you need to do it is a couple of screwdrivers.

Just remove the dry-fire cover, then remove the two pins holding in the trigger, swap the triggers out, replace the pins, and cover. No gunsmithing knowledge required!

It’s worth noting that, when you first install the trigger, you may notice a bit of resistance. This goes away once you spend some time breaking it in.

The BX-Trigger retails at $89.99, but you can easily find a price closer to $60 – $70 online.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. It’s cheaper than many high-end triggers I’ve used, and you get an even better product! It’s a very cost-effective option and a great value for what you pay.

Ruger 1022 BX-Trigger

This is the best Ruger 10/22 trigger upgrade at this price point. It’s easy to install, extremely light, and takes your marksmanship to the next level!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small game hunter, a night shooter, or a big game aficionado. I’d highly recommend this trigger to anyone looking to upgrade from the factory trigger.

3. Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Trigger Guard 2000: Most Versatile

The Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Trigger Guard 2000 is the most versatile 10/22 trigger upgrade on the market.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

At around $250, it’s one of the more expensive options. But, it is a significant improvement over the factory trigger and a worthwhile upgrade.

The Trigger Guard 2000 is a curved trigger made with sturdy stainless steel, offering improved performance over a longer lifetime than the factory trigger.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

The oversized hammer, sear, and action pins remove any wobble, and the plunger spring has been redesigned to move directly toward the rear as the trigger is pulled for a more positive response.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

The drop-in is incredibly simple and takes less than fifteen minutes to install.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

It works wonders with improving accuracy.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

In fact, you can expect to achieve consistent shot groupings half the size of what you get with the factory trigger! My average group size went down from 2” to just under 1” once I started using the Volquartsen.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

The pull weight is between just 2 – 2.5 lbs with no creep whatsoever, the break is very smooth, and the reset is fast.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

While the pull weight itself is not adjustable, it is adjustable to account for both over-travel and pre-travel. Just make sure you have a 1/16” Allen wrench to properly tighten the adjustment screw.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

It’s an expensive upgrade, but the results this trigger offers absolutely make it worth the price. I would 100% recommend this trigger to anyone looking to decrease their 10/22’s pull weight.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Trigger Guard 2000

Best 10/22 Accessories

1. Monstrum 3-9×32 Scope

The Monstrum 3-9×32 scope is a quality tactical rifle scope for my 10/22 build.

After plenty of my own research, I picked up this affordable optic with hopes that I could put it through its paces with good results.

Monstrum 3-9x32 Scope

About a year later, and I’ve made some great discoveries.

The Monstrum scope has wicked-good clarity, and the lenses have stood up to the test.

The nitrogen-filled tube and lens coating on this optic have been pushed to the limits with the bush beating on the hunts this year. There were more than a few times that I would come back in soaked and muddy, and through the wet and cleaning the Monstrum hasn’t been phased a bit. She’s still just as clear today as she was out of the box.

I do store my rifle with lens cover on, and I highly recommend you do so as well. There’s no sense in risking scratches when it’s a measly ten bucks for this added protection.

Here’s Monstrum’s cover: Monstrum Rubberized Flip-Up Rifle Scope Lens Covers

Monstrum Rubberized Flip-Up Rifle Scope Lens Covers (Objective Bell | 26-30 mm/1.0-1.2 inch Diameter)
5,853 Reviews
Monstrum Rubberized Flip-Up Rifle Scope Lens Covers (Objective Bell | 26-30 mm/1.0-1.2 inch Diameter)
  • Rubberized flip-up rifle scope lens covers that conform tightly around your rifle scope tube, protecting your lenses from dust and abrasion
  • IMPORTANT: Sizing is not based on the objective lens size of your scope - a 3-9x40mm scope will not fit with a 40mm sized lens cover. For the correct fitting lens cover, you must physically measure...
  • Each package includes one Rubberized Flip-Up Lens Cover

The reticle has an illuminated range finder that changes color and brightness for the light conditions. It’s very easy to use and makes for easy estimation on targeting.

Monstrum 3-9x32 Scope

The eye relief is 3.5-3.8 inches, which is decent for such an affordable scope. For my Ruger this is more than adequate for easy shooting.

Monstrum 3-9x32 Scope

Another handy feature that I enjoy is the throw lever for magnification adjustment. It makes for nice straightforward and quick adjustments.

The windage/elevation knobs are another solid feature. They have a smooth motion, with nice clicks at ¼” MOA adjustments. Zeroing was quick and holds true, even on the longest days in the field.

A parallax dial at the end of the scope helps to keep my target images sharp without parallax.

Monstrum 3-9x32 Scope

Mounting to the picatinny rail system is super easy, as intended. Nothing show-stopping here, it works just like it should. I’ll take it!

13 ounce weight is just right. Heavy enough and solid, without adding excess bulk to the build. When I’m decked out in my ghillie suit, it’s nice to have a rifle that isn’t hard to carry. The aesthetics and rounded features are much appreciated.

Overall, the Monstrum 3-9×32 rifle scope was a very good purchase. Crystal clear and easy to use in hand and shooting makes this affordable option something I’d recommend to anyone.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate. You’ll be very happy with this optic:

Monstrum 3-9x32 Rifle Scope with Rangefinder Reticle and High Profile Scope Rings
1,635 Reviews
Monstrum 3-9x32 Rifle Scope with Rangefinder Reticle and High Profile Scope Rings
  • Tactical rifle scope providing crystal clear targeting at 3-9x magnification, with a 32mm objective diameter and an eye relief of 3.5-3.8 Inches
  • Glass rangefinder reticle for on-the-fly range estimation and long distance targeting
  • Dial controlled reticle illumination in both red and green with multiple brightness intensities

2. Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling

The Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling is an accessory that anyone with a Ruger 10/22 needs to have.

The Ultralite is a quality sling that will help me carry while keeping my hands free in the field.

Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling

Out of the box, the embroidered Ruger logo and the excellent stitching impressed me. The heavy-duty nylon strap is well-attached to a generously wide shoulder pad.

The shoulder pad itself is a chunky nice-feeling textured rubber with a good grip to my shoulder, It’s quite comfortable to wear with the weight of the rifle. Comfort is key for a sling, and this one was just right.

Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling

The wide, grippy strap pad is wide enough to hold in place and distribute the rifle weight. Avoiding being too wide and cutting into my neck or interfering with my pack.

Adjustable strap length is expected and works well. I didn’t have to fiddle endlessly to get the length right.

The straps are made for easy connection to the mounts on my favorite Ruger 10/22, and they come in handy when it’s time to stow my weapon in the safe.

The price is certainly right with this strap. Affordable is always a big plus.

Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling

The bottom line here is that the Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling was an excellent purchase. Easy to set-up and comfortable to wear, this affordable accessory is a cut above the competition.

Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling

Take a look for yourself. You won’t be disappointed:

3. Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail

If you want to mount an optic on your rifle, you’ll need a quality rail.

The EGW Picatinny Rail is a high-quality scope mount made for the Ruger 10/22 Autoloading Rifle.

Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail

This 20 MOA picatinny style rail is the perfect choice on which to mount optics on your Ruger 10/22.

Read on to find out why.

Picatinny Rails, as opposed to Weaver rails, are made to have consistent spacing, making it easier to fit a variety of different accessories on them.

Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail

They were also adopted by the US Military over 20 years ago, making them the most widespread type of rail available for modern rifles.

Lastly, due to their consistent spacing, many accessories made for Weaver type rails can also fit the wider Picatinny rail’s slots.

Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail

All these reasons make the Picatinny rail the superior option for your rifle.

Evolution Gun Works, or EGW, has been making quality accessories for pistols and rifles since 1991.

Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail

Having the EGW brand on a part such as this Picatinny Rail is a sure sign of quality and dependability.

With the EGW Picatinny Rail, you can be certain that this mount will fit all the accessories you want.

This EGW Picatinny Rail was designed specifically for the Ruger 10/22, which gives it some key features you won’t always get with other rails.

One important feature is that when mounted, the 0.4-inch-high rail won’t obstruct the factory iron sights of your rifle.

This means you can easily mount optics when you want to use them, or remove them to use the iron sight, without worrying about having to remove the rail itself.

This rail also was designed with a hollow center channel, saving weight on your rifle.

In fact, it weighs only slightly more than two ounces, a fact that you’ll be grateful for on long hunts with a large optic.

Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail

The center spread for this rail measures 2.57 inches, measured perfectly to fit a Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail

The picatinny rail has slots running its full length, providing maximum flexibility when mounting accessories to your rifle.

Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail

Having options for 0 MOA and 20 MOA bases, this matte black, anodized metal picatinny rail is the perfect option for your Ruger 10/22 autoloading rifle.

Best 10/22 Magazine Upgrades

1. Ruger BX-1: Best Rotary 10/22 Magazine

No doubt about it, the Ruger BX-1 is the best rotary magazine for your 10/22 build.

Replacement mags are always good to have.

Let’s look at why choosing this OEM accessory will always be my preferred choice.

Ruger BX-1

The blaring stand out feature on this rotary magazine is the name on the box they come in. Buying factory Ruger accessories for my 10/22 is always going to provide reliability and durability.

The outstanding reputation from Ruger products speaks for itself. There are long-proven reasons we all buy Ruger weapons, and those reasons hold true for their accessories as well.

Ruger has ensured the BX-1 magazines have the little touches that ensure they keep on trucking.

Heat treated spring wire and steel feed tips are tough and made to last.

The reliable feed, thanks to high-quality components, is exactly what I need in any mag.

For everything from my best pellet rifle to my prized Rimfire rifle, sticking with factory parts is always the safest bet.

The Ruger BX-1 is made in the U.S.A. and that means quality. With as much time and money that I’ve spent on my rifle, I’m not about to throw a cheap knock-off product in the mix to save pennies.

The versatility to be able to preload various ammo types in the mags before I head out for the day has really saved me time over the years.

 Ruger BX-1

Being able to do so with my Ruger parts for my Ruger rifle is simply a match made in heaven.

The Ruger BX-1 Rotary Magazine remains my top pick for my 10/22, and I highly recommend you pick up your own:

Teton Falls Ruger BX-1 Magazine Plastic Case for 10 10/22 BX1 - Fits Takedown Bag - Holds 700 22LR
  • Holds and Protects 10 Ruger 10/22 BX-1 Magazines
  • Holds and Protects 10 Ruger SR-22 Rifle Rimfire Magazines
  • Perfect Fit for Ruger Takedown Bag Pockets

2. Alangator TriMag Clip Connector: Best 10/22 Magazine Clip Connector

Alangator’s TriMag Clip Connector is an essential upgrade for anyone looking to get the most out of their Ruger 10/22 build.

The TriMag locks three different Ruger 10/22 magazines together, giving you the power to fire 30 rounds in succession without any problems!

More and more states in the U.S. are beginning to restrict magazines to just 10 rounds, and the TriMag gives you an excellent loophole.

Alangator TriMag Clip Connector

It’s strongly-constructed with durable nylon materials and locks tight into your rifle. It fits and holds Ruger brand magazines perfectly, and it’s easy to get a good grip when you need to remove it.

The extra weight from the two additional magazines isn’t really noticeable, and it’s much more compact than extended aftermarket mags.

Alangator TriMag Clip Connector

The TriMag holds three magazines around one central clamp, so the two lower magazines do protrude out to the sides a bit. Depending on how you hold your rifle, you may need to adjust your grip to accommodate this.

Overall, it’s very user-friendly and a great solution for increased capacity without any of the jams and malfunctions that tend to come along with a higher capacity mag.

To switch magazines, all you have to do is press the mag release, turn the TriMag to the next loaded magazine, and insert it back into your 10/22.

No modifications are needed, to either the rifle or the magazines, and thanks to the added weight, empty magazines drop out easily.

At just $11.99, this is a very cost-effective option for extending your magazine without any risk of malfunction, or breaking the law!

The TriMag lets you quickly and easily change out magazines to fire off more rounds without ever needing to reload. This gives any hunter a big advantage in the field, and I’d 100% recommend this clip extender over any extended magazine.

3. Butler Creek Hot Lips Clear Magazine: Best Budget 10/22 Magazine

A seriously fun option, the Butler Creek Hot Lips Clear Magazine is a steal of a deal.

Butler Creek Hot Lips Clear Magazine

The price is right on these plastic mags, but are they worth my money?

I was interested in spicing things up a bit, and the Hot Lips mag costs less than a trip to the drive thru, so why not give it a go?

I have to admit, I was totally surprised with my experience.

Butler Creek Hot Lips Clear Magazine

Out of the package, the clear polymer reminded me of the mid 90’s clear-everything craze.

Anyone over the age of 35 remembers those clear plastic phones that were totally rad. Somehow seeing the inside of these mechanical things makes them more appealing!

It makes no logical sense, but it’s totally legit.

See-through is 90’s cool, and that makes Hot Lips mags da biggedy bomb.

I did some research, and rather than pull these plastic wonders straight out to hit the range, I let them break in a bit first.

I bought a pair, loaded ‘em up and let them sit for a couple weeks before I gave them a go.

After the initial time-out, I broke out my acid wash jeans and bounced out to shoot with my newest fly 10/22 mod.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much here. I mean, it’s a plastic mag, right?

Lo and behold, these little guys did a great job!

I was pretty blown away to not have any big troubles with failures that day. Maybe the break-in tip was the difference. Maybe I lucked out and got “good ones”.

Whatever the reason, they worked great and I’m totally digging them! Booyah!

Butler Creek Hot Lips Clear Magazine

There is something seriously fun about the Butler Creek Hot Lips Clear Magazine. For this ridiculously affordable accessory, this should be an easy choice. I love my new 90’s-style accessory. It’s all that and a bag of chips!

Any haters can talk to the hand, take a chill pill, and totally get over it already.

Best 10/22 Sights & Scopes

1. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40: Best 10/22 Optic

The Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40 is the best 10/22 Optic.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

I’ve hand-tested an incredible number of rifle scopes and the VX-Freedom easily came in as number one.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

The Freedom’s lens clarity is super clear, both day and at night, thanks to the Twilight light system. That system, dubbed the Twilight Max system, enhances light transmission in low light conditions.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

That means that I get at least thirty extra minutes of hunting out of every day. Overcast or early evening conditions be damned. I’ve got good eyes on-target with this incredible light system.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

I also come to the party prepared with an excellent tactical-light so no sundown will bother me.

The Duplex reticle has a clean look and is easy to read. Large clear markings at 5 MOA and 10 MOA jump right at me through the scope.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

The VX-Freedom gives me a wicked-long 3.66 – 4.17 inches of eye relief. That excellent range, with a wide FOV, ensures a comfortable shooting session.

The stellar view at serious range has me convinced this is one of the best Ruger 10/22 takedown mods I’ve made.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

I’m always super impressed with the Leupold scope products. They are proven to be tough and this scope has such a solid feel and visible quality.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

In locking down the elevation and windage, zeroing the VX-Freedom was a snap.

The well-marked turrets have a solid action with adjusting and don’t make a sound when operating. Feeling my way through the adjustments was easy and I didn’t have trouble with sliding past my mark.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

The VX-Freedom 3-9X has excellent magnification clarity for moderate to long-distance shooting. 100-200 yards with accuracy was no problem. Pushing it farther into the longer ranges didn’t phase a thing. All without a trace of parallax.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40

The mounting rings stay tight as a tick so I never have to worry about re-zero throughout a long day.

Overall the Leupold VX-Freedom 3x9x40 is an awesome purchase. The clarity, long eye-relief, and excellent performance in low light make this the best 10/22 optic out there.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed:

2. Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot: Best Budget Red Dot

Cheap red dots are almost always a dicey endeavor from dealing with easily broken parts, losing zero, or just getting a straight-up fake optic.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

The Bushnell TRS-25 is a cheap red dot but aims to stand out among the pack with regards to performance and price.

Does it outperform the rest, or does it get lost in the crowd?

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

Here’s my review of the Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight…

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

Quite a bit of people, especially beginners, are going to hope for a glowing review, but with optics, the price almost always shows itself one way or another.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

I would like to give an in-depth overview of the actual construction, but Bushnell doesn’t offer any information on what the red dot is actually made of, besides a couple of features like calling in shock-proof and water-proof.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

Now to be fair, they do explain how they nitrogen purge the optic to make sure your glass stays clear even with extreme temperature change, which is very much appreciated and a very positive aspect for a cheaper optic like this.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

They also address an aspect of waterproofing. Bushnell says they accomplish this with thick gaskets on the adjustments knobs; vague and incomplete, but still informative.

VBushnell TRS-25 Red Dot knobs

I haven’t dunked it in water, but it stayed on in the rain, so you should be okay on a stormy day.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot knobs

A bigger issue I have is with the illumination knob which is large and rather obtrusive overall. It takes up nearly half of the optics length, an up and down button would have sufficed.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

It also makes it easy for you to snag your rifle on clothing, backpack straps, and even doorways if you run drills.

If there’s one thing I can say about the TRS-25, it’s that the optic did manage to hold zero at least. This outpaces many of its competitors at a similar price range.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

Unfortunately, it’s only 3 MOA or 3 inches at 100 yards; that seems pretty accurate, but as you spend a little bit more, you see vast improvements in accuracy.

It’s easy to mount though. The TRS-25 comes out of the box ready to receive a picatinny rail, no mount purchases necessary!

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

For example, for only 50 more dollars you can obtain a 2 MOA Vortex Sparc AR

Now for the Bushnell TRS-25’s most glaring issue: light intensity.

Let me start by saying that, in 60% of shooting conditions, the dot will be visible enough, but if it’s a particularly bright down, especially in snow, the dot seems to disappear almost entirely.

This is going to be a big issue if you live somewhere with a lot of snow or places with really hot and sunny summers.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

This issue renders the optic mostly useless. This issue was a dealbreaker for me.

There is another notable, but smaller problem with this optic.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot

The field of view is pretty narrow. If I’m using a red dot, I like them to give me as much visibility on the target as possible so I can see my target in full as well as some of the surrounding area.

As much as I would like to recommend a budget effective optic, the Bushnell TRS-25 isn’t it. Spending an extra 50 bucks can get you in a decent position, but you should really be putting down a decent amount of cash on a good optic.

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black
15,250 Reviews
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black
  • Matte black featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings; Mounts easily on most picatinny rails and is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders.Adjustment Range : 70+...
  • Waterproof construction: O ring sealed optics stay dry inside, even when totally immersed in water. Parallax - 50
  • Shockproof construction: Built to withstand bumps, bangs, drops and the rough and tumble environment of the field

Here’s what’s good about it though:

  • Affordability, usually hovering under $150
  • Water-Proof, quality rubber gaskets
  • Fog-Proof, nitrogen purged

When it comes to optics, spend what you can on one; splurge a little.

A good optic can be the difference between a bad day and a funeral.

3. Simmons Truplex Riflescope: Best for the Budget

The Simmons Truplex Riflescope is the best budget scope for the 10/22 rifle.

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

It offers high-end features at an affordable price, and it’s waterproof and shockproof for increased reliability.

The Truplex is a great general purpose scope that even works while using a tripod.

It’s easy to mount and adjust, even with gloves on, thanks to the Sure Grip rubber-coated tube.

It’s a larger scope, at 12” long with an objective diameter of 40mm. But, at just 10.8 oz, it’s still fairly lightweight and fits the 10/22 well.

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

The light transmission is pretty average, but more than acceptable for such a low-priced scope. The fully-coated HydroShield lens enhances the contrast and brightness to give a crisp, clear picture, even in low-light conditions.

Both the zoom and focus rings are tight at first, but get smoother over time and allow for fast-focusing.

The magnification is clear and accurate. The view can get slightly distorted around the edges at 9x magnification, but it doesn’t obscure the picture.

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

At 3x magnification, the field of view is 31.4’, and at 9x magnification, it’s 10.5’. The parallax correction is factory set at 100 yards, but it’s adjustable from 50 yards up.

The TruZero adjustment system is, hands down, the Truplex’s best feature. In my opinion, it’s enough to make the scope worth buying.

It holds a zero extremely well, even under heavy recoil. It’s about as “recoil-proof” as a scope can be.

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

This kind of adjustment system is pretty much unheard of in this price range, so the fact that Simmons included it on such an inexpensive scope is huge!

The controls are also pretty decent. The adjustment knobs are capped, so you won’t accidentally bump them and mess up your shot.

One minor downside is the turret adjustments. The clicks are quiet and not very tactile, so make sure you pay attention.

Another downside is the eye relief. It’s only 3.5”, and anything less than 4” can be kind of a tight fit. But, it’s not too bad for such a low-priced scope.

As far as accuracy goes, the Truplex is great and has given me some of my best groupings ever.

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

From 75 yards, my average 5-shot group was just under one inch, thanks to the TruZero system and the high-quality reticle!

The reticle is precise and the crosshairs are clear and crisp. They even narrow as you move toward the center, so it’s easy to see your exact point of impact.

Simmons Truplex Riflescope

Unfortunately, it’s not illuminated. If you’re hunting in the dark, you might want to invest in a light for better visibility.

The Truplex retails for just $48.99. It’s a great budget scope that offers better quality and performance than its competitors, and even surpasses some high-end scopes!.

The Simmons Truplex Riflescope is a no-frills, general duty scope that does the job well. It’s a solid piece of equipment and a great value for what you pay.

Simmons Truplex .22 MAG 3-9x32mm Riflescope, Waterproof and Fogproof Rimfire Rifle Scope
5,856 Reviews
Simmons Truplex .22 MAG 3-9x32mm Riflescope, Waterproof and Fogproof Rimfire Rifle Scope
  • Upgrade your rimfire shooting with the Simmons 22 MAG 3-9x32 Riflescope, designed to deliver reliable and accurate performance every time
  • With a versatile 3-9x magnification range and a 32mm objective lens, this riflescope is perfect for close to mid-range shooting and provides a clear and bright image of your target
  • The Truplex reticle allows for quick and easy target acquisition, even in low light conditions, making it perfect for hunting in the early morning or late evening

Best 10/22 Internal Upgrades

1. Volquartsen Bolt Tune Up Kit

If your Ruger 10/22 rifle is giving you trouble—whether with light primer strikes or failures to eject or feed—you’ll need some quality tune-ups to get it back in shape.

Luckily, Volquartsen makes an incredibly high quality tune up kit for all your Ruger 10/22 reliability modifications.

Volquartsen Bolt Tune Up Kit

Let’s check out what makes this kit one of the top sellers among rifle tune-up packages…

One of Volquartsen’s best sellers, the Exact Edge extractor is one of the components of this tune-up kit.

This extractor is EDM machined from A2 tool steel and gets .005 inches closer to the bolt face for more positive extraction of your cartridges.

Once I installed the Volquartsen kit, my decades-old 10/22 began shooting without a hitch. I had virtually no more failure to ejects!

The other main component of the Volquartsen Bolt Tune Up Kit is the Sure Strike firing pin.

It helps eliminate failure to feed issues because this firing pin is .004 inches wider than the factory pin. This makes it so that side to side movement is minimized for optimal feeding.

The Sure Strike is also manufactured precisely using EDM machining.

Both the firing pin and extractor are way easier to install than other kits I’ve tried, making them the perfect choice for a rifleman who doesn’t have a lot of time to fiddle with installation.

Volquartsen Bolt Tune Up Kit

If you’re looking for a tune-up kit that will make your 10/22 rifle shoot like new, the Volquartsen Bolt Tune Up Kit is my top choice.

Here’s why. It’s:

  • Affordable
  • Well-made
  • Easy to Install

When it comes to upgrading your rifle’s reliability, this tune up kit will get the job done.

2. Volquartsen 10/22 & Magnum Exact Edge Extractor

The Volquartsen 10/22 & Magnum Exact Edge Extractor is a must-have upgrade for any 10/22 user who’s tired of their rifle failing to feed or extract rounds.

The 10/22’s factory extractor isn’t horrible, but over time, it does wear out and can cause some pretty frequent feeding malfunctions. If you’re ready to upgrade to something a little more sturdy, you can’t go wrong with the Exact Edge Extractor.

Volquartsen 1022 & Magnum Exact Edge Extractor

The Exact Edge is wire EDM cut from A2 tool steel, precision-made, and hardened to keep an exact pressure against shell casings and easily withstand continued heavy use.

It will solve any jamming issues you have, and it’s made from much higher-quality materials than the stock piece.

There’s nothing worse than ozone treating your hunting gear, driving out to the woods, finding your target and aiming, just for your rifle to jam! Thankfully, with the Volquartsen extractor, FTEs and FTFs are a thing of the past.

After firing 500+ rounds through my 10/22, the Exact Edge Extractor showed significantly less wear and tear than my factory extractor, which I had only used to fire about 300 rounds before switching to the Volquartsen piece!

Volquartsen 1022 & Magnum Exact Edge Extractor

Even under continuous heavy impact, this extractor just will not quit.

Before switching, I was having feeding issues every time I used high-velocity or cheap ammo.

After switching, I noticed an immediate and significant improvement. I’ve fired just under 1000 rounds with no failures to feed, no failures to extract, nothing.

Volquartsen 1022 & Magnum Exact Edge Extractor

If you’re looking for a new extractor to keep your 10/22 functioning as it should, this is the one to get.

The Exact Edge features a drop-in installation that takes just a few minutes to complete. You only need two small screwdrivers to remove the old extractor, plunger, and spring, and to reinstall the new kit.

The Exact Edge kit includes a coil spring that’s compatible with all 10/22 models, including the 10/22 Magnum. The extractor is also compatible with the Ruger Mark series, but you’ll need to use the factory coil for this.

This is a simple, inexpensive upgrade that will completely change the function of your rifle. The Exact Edge only costs between $10 – $12, and it’s worth every penny.

Volquartsen 1022 & Magnum Exact Edge Extractor

Volquartsen makes excellent-quality 10/22 products that perform as advertised. You are all but guaranteed to have no problems with this extractor.

3. Volquartsen 10/22 Bolt Release

If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive upgrade to make a world of a difference in your 10/22 rifle, try installing a new Volquartsen 10/22 Bolt Release.

Volquartsen 1022 Bolt Release

The Ruger 10/22 has been one of the most well-loved rifles on the market for decades. However, it’s no secret that the factory bolt release is completely subpar.

It’s small, awkward to reach, and one of the few things about the Ruger 10/22 that customers don’t love.

I’ve found that the Volquartsen bolt release cures all these problems brought about by the factory piece.

All you have to do to release the bolt is pull it back slightly and let it return to the battery.

That’s right!

No more pushing the release up and back onto the bolt lock at all. It will not hold the bolt open after the last round has been fired, and it drops automatically after the mag is inserted.

It’s quicker, smoother, and way more user friendly for those beginner hunters. You can even operate it with gloves on, something you could only dream of with the factory release!

The Volquartsen bolt release is compatible with all Volquartsen and Ruger Factory trigger guards and bolts, including the Ruger BX-Trigger.

It’s available in either black or silver, made of heat-treated, durable steel.

It features a drop-in installation that takes just a couple of minutes and the right size Allan wrench to switch out.

Just remove the hammer and two pins to push out the factory piece, drop the Volquartsen in, and put the two pins and hammer back into place! Simple as can be.

The Volquartsen 10/22 Bolt Release is available online for between just $10 – $13.

It’s a must-have purchase for any 10/22 owner. It’s an inexpensive upgrade that’s 100% worth the money and saves you a great deal of frustration.

I’d recommend this bolt release to anyone looking to upgrade their 10/22. You will not be disappointed.

Volquartsen 1022 Bolt Release

Best 10/22 Ammo

1. CCI Mini-Mag HP: Best Overall .22 Ammo

When looking for the best overall .22 ammo, I look no further than the CCI Mini-Mag HP.

CCI Mini-Mag HP

For my long rifle I need ammunition that is reliable and effective.

For my wallet I need ammunition that is affordable!

CCI Mini-Mag HP

With this option from CCI, I found all of that and more.

The copper plated Mini-Mag rounds are incredibly reliable. I shoot with this ammo on a regular basis and failure to feed is extremely rare.

Mini-Mag .22’s are produced with clean-burning powder makes a noticeable difference. No gunk build-up in the barrel keeps me on target all day.

CCI Mini-Mag HP

The 36 grain hollow point bullet is perfect when I’m hunting small game. The stopping power of the expansion, similar to larger caliber ammo, downs my targets straight away.

CCI Mini-Mag HP

That expansion also keeps the damage to a minimum for the meat preservation on my tasty critters.

CCI Mini-Mag HP

With CCI’s excellent reputation, and consistent production, it’s no surprise that the CCI Mini-Mag HP continues to be an extremely popular ammo choice.

CCI Mini-Mag HP

This effective, reliable and affordable ammo is something I highly recommend.

CCI Mini-Mag HP

Check it out. You can buy CCI Mini-Mag 22 HP ammo here:

2. Aguila Super Extra HP: Best for Hunting

The Aguila Super Extra HP is a 22lr cartridge designed for small game hunting and varmint control.

Aguila Super Extra HP

And of course, plinking for all you mag-dumpers and speed shooters out there.

Does it do anything to stand out among a hundred other kinds of 22lr ammo?

Aguila Super Extra HP

Find out in my (brief) review of the Aguila Super Extra HP 22lr ammo.

22lr ammo is a dime a dozen(well more like a buck twenty) and while I love shooting 22lr, there’s just a lot of the same out there.

The Super Extra HP is a little more interesting though since they’re hollow points.

The projectile itself is lead, meaning it’s heavy-hitting and should easily mushroom upon impact which it does pretty well.

While I mostly used the Super Extra ammo for regular target shooting and plinking, I did nail a couple of squirrels that were mooching off of my bird feeder.

Aguila Super Extra HP

The hollow point did its job with one humane shot for both squirrels.

The mushroomed projectile expanded and was right on target.

That effect on target paired with some really great accuracy made it easy to keep my shots landing where I was aiming.

At 50 yards I was able to maintain about ¾ inch group consistently.

Aguila Super Extra HP

The construction is solid as well, which is why the hollow point is effective and why these rounds shoot nice and straight.

These are brass cased 38-grain lead slugs.

These rounds will have a velocity hovering at the advertised 1280 feet per second; nice and quick for a 22lr round

The price, even during a nationwide gun and ammo shortage is hanging out at a frankly shocking low price: $11.49 for 2000, yes that says two thousand, rounds.

Aguila Super Extra HP

If you own a 22, it’s almost a moral obligation to go out and purchase these cartridges as soon as you can.

The Aguila Super Extra HPs are emphatically getting my endorsement.

Here’s why:

  1. Accuracy, shots are easy to hit, even at distances of 50 yards
  2. Effectiveness, you can count on these guys to hit and expand every time
  3. Affordability, this is easily the biggest factor, it has an alarmingly low cost, but still performs like a champ out of the box

Do yourself a favor and buy these rounds while you still can, and grab a decent holster while you’re at it.

3. CCI Standard Velocity: Best for Competition

CCI’s Standard Velocity LRN bullets are the best for .22 LR competition use.

They’re crafted with CCI’s reliable rimfire priming and casing, and non-corrosive brass. They use a clean-burning propellant that keeps your action clean for longer shooting sessions.

CCI Standard Velocity

Each bullet weighs 40 grains, and CCI’s high-standard quality control ensures a consistent shape and weight for maximum accuracy and reliability.

As can be expected, a couple of duds sometimes make their way into the box. But, the overwhelming majority of rounds are good to go.

CCI Standard Velocity

These bullets have a muzzle velocity of 1070 ft/s, the same as CCI’s Green Tag and Pistol Match ammo. CCI made these with maximum accuracy at an affordable price in mind, and they sure delivered! They work just like Green Tags, and offer subsonic velocities.

These are some of the most accurate rounds I’ve ever shot out of my 10/22. From 50 yards, my 10-shot groups were consistently under 1”. Even from 100 yards, you can expect each shot to stay on target.

CCI’s Standard Velocity LRNs are very affordable. A box of 50 costs under $6, and you can get a box of 500 for just around $30!

You can’t beat the price. They feed and shoot well with no flyers whatsoever, giving consistently reliable performance.

CCI Standard Velocity

They’re ideal for high-volume competition use, but also great for target and competition practice. These bullets are the best value in terms of accuracy and consistency.

CCI Standard Velocity

Best 10/22 Barrels

1. Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Barrel: Best Overall

Choosing to upgrade with a barrel from Volquarten’s Ruger 10/22 line is one of the best enhancements you can make to your 10/22.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Barrel

Volquartsen takes the quality of their products seriously, and their lightweight tension barrels are some of the best, most rigid rimfire barrels on the market today.

These precision barrels offer a clear improvement in accuracy over the factory barrel. They’re taper-honed, and the match bore and chamber are made to guarantee a clean hit every time!

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Barrel

The tension-creating sleeves are available in your choice of sleek carbon fiber or anodized aluminum. The two materials are pretty similar in terms of weight and performance. But, one added benefit of the aluminum ones is that they can be I-fluted to reduce the weight even more!

While they don’t feature any traditional rails, each of the Volquartsen 10/22 barrels come either threaded for a cantilever scope mount or set up for use with a compensator. They’re all 16.5” long with a standard .92” diameter, and each barrel weighs approximately 1.3 lbs.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Barrel

Just as Volquartsen claims, they’re extremely light and easy to carry. Their low weight makes them ideal for anyone who stands or walks for a long time while hunting.

These barrels are pricier than most, retailing between $300 – $400 depending on the build material and features.

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Barrel

If you can swing it, you won’t regret it. You get what you pay for, and what you pay for is a top-quality product.

If you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight barrel and don’t mind spending the money, I would 100% recommend looking into one of these. Volquartsen is a company known for quality, and their 10/22 barrels don’t disappoint!

Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Barrel

2. Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel: Best Lightweight 10/22 Barrel

The Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel claims to set a new standard for 10/22 lightweight barrels.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

It boasts a variety of quality features to try to create a luxury shooting experience.

Fancy aesthetics and buzzwords like carbon fiber and lightweight can do a lot for a brand’s marketing, but does it live up to its claims on the range?

Let’s take a look.


The claims about the barrel’s quality construction are true!

It feels very stable and tough, yet it’s surprisingly light, even more so than some of my shorter 12-inch barrels.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

That’s pretty impressive coming from a product with a length of 16 inches overall.

Even at its standard 16.5-inch length, it weighs only a mere 15 ounces, less than half that of many of its competitors.

This comfortable weight comes from its intelligent design.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

The actual barrel is crafted from stainless steel with an anti-vibration carbon fiber sleeve.

Its sleeve is the most advanced piece of technology on the barrel.

The carbon fiber wrap assists in creating constant tension on the barrel to minimize vibration when shooting, an issue many 10/22s and other firearms suffer from.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

At the business end is a threaded barrel perfect for adding suppressors, muzzle brakes, flash hiders, and any other goodies you can think of.

If you’re not interested in any of that, a thread protector comes in the box with your barrel.

Accuracy and Feel

Right off the bat, this barrel is only 2 MOA, but in a 10/22 I’m not really looking to be a movie-star sniper; I just want to plink at the range.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

With that being said the groupings were consistently landing where I was shooting, even performing a little better than 2 MOA.

I rarely do any .22 LR shooting at more than 100 yards so this was basically a non-issue for me.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

The feeling of shooting was amazing; switching from a two-pound barrel to one that’s less than half of that made a world of difference and vastly improved my experience when at the range.

Initially, I was way overshooting my target transitions because it was just that light and fast.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

It took some getting used to, but I don’t think I want to shoot my 10/22 any other way honestly.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

Do keep in mind that a lighter barrel will create a little bit more kick for you, but c’mon, it’s a .22.

The recoil only goes from non-existent to barely noticeable, like a pellet gun.

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel

Is the Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel worth it?

I’d say if you have the $306 dollars to drop on your build you should definitely go for it.

Here’s why:

  • Light, this makes target transitions and general carry a light breeze
  • Quality construction, right out of the box you can feel the craftsmanship
  • It’s just fun, 22’s are fun, and slinging this thing around faster than the speed of light just adds to the experience.

The Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel is a great buy if you wanna have fun.

3. Tactical Solutions X-Ring Open Sight Barrel: Best for Accuracy

Tactical Solutions’ X-Ring Open Sight Barrel is a must-have upgrade for anyone looking to increase the accuracy and reduce the weight of their Ruger 10/22.

Tactical Solutions X-Ring Open Sight Barrel

It’s designed to work with all 10/22 models and 10/22 style rifles, so if you’re looking for Ruger 10/22 Takedown upgrades, this is a great place to start.

TacSol’s barrels are very well-made, constructed with 6061-T6 aluminum and an innovative Chromoly steel liner and target crown that gives the barrel impeccable accuracy.

It comes in a variety of finishes, including matte black, matte OD green, silver, quicksand, and gunmetal. It features a standard ½-28 TPI threaded muzzle for mounting a suppressor, and all include thread protectors in a matching finish.

Tactical Solutions X-Ring Open Sight Barrel

The X-Ring barrel is fluted, which helps with heat dissipation and keeps the weight down. It weighs only 15 oz, compared to the 29 oz factory barrel.

That’s right!

The X-Ring barrel nearly cuts the weight of the original in half. It’s a standard-sized barrel, at 16.5” with a .92” diameter.

The X-Ring barrel also includes high-quality Green fiber-optic open front and rear sights for quick and easy target acquisition. The rear sight is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation.

Tactical Solutions X-Ring Open Sight Barrel

Installation is simple and quick, especially if you follow one of the many YouTube videos on the subject to guide you. Some people claim light sanding is needed to get it to fit properly into the receiver. But, if you’re patient, you shouldn’t need to do any sanding.

Right out of the box, this barrel performs flawlessly. I was shocked by the improvement I saw in my shot groupings as soon as I switched over!

It functions perfectly with all types of ammo and greatly increases the overall performance of my 10/22.

With prices ranging from $250 – $300, this is a more expensive upgrade.

However, TacSol is known for their high-quality craftsmanship, and the X-Ring barrel is no exception. I would say it’s 100% worth the money.

This is an excellent upgrade, and a purchase you won’t regret making. No matter what purpose you use your 10/22 for, I’d recommend this barrel.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed my best ruger 10/22 upgrades guide.

Now I want to turn it over to you:

Which upgrade will you do for your Ruger 10/22?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment down below.

4 thoughts on “Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades [2022]: Triggers, Optics & More”

  1. Where do I start. Going with the hogue over molded stock, like the simple look and tacky feel , the picanniny rail, timney drop in, – already have tge blued butler creel 920 and cant drop an additional 300 on another / different barrel just yet. Have a voltrex viper 3-9 x44 now but may change optix. May put it on a triple deuce. Thanks for all the info. Helped substantially.

  2. Thanks for this post. Perhaps you could also add what you think are the best STEEL aftermarket 10/22 recievers, that don’t cost an arm and a leg (compared to the price of a 10/22).

    I don’t get why the manufacturers are using aluminum for most of the 22LR semi-autos. Ruger should have just made the 22LR 10/22 receiver out of steel, as they did with the original 22Mag version of the rifle. The weight difference is not significant. Like most bolt action 22LR rifles, the Savage 64 22LR semi-auto has a steel receiver – though it is an old clunky design and many new ones are prone to jamming. The problem is that the aluminum reciever is obviously soft compared to the steel V-block screws, scope base mounting screws and stock takedown screw. These are easily stripped if they are barely over-torqued above the specs (you need to use an in-pound torque wrench). In fact, when a steel screw is torqued in a softer metal, the softer metal threads will always distort somewhat, as well as corrode due to the dissimilar metals with moisture. The scope base screw threads in the receiver take an inertial load from the scope mass every time the gun is shot. Repairing stripped 10/22 receiver holes is difficult, though Brownell’s may have some gunsmith threaded inserts (non-standard pitches) or taps to go oversize.

    Years ago, AMT produced the “25/22 Lightning carbine” copy of the 10/22 with a steel receiver, but they were sued by Ruger and had to quit. I believe the aftermarket steel receivers are very expensive compared to just buying a 10/22. There was one that was less (MOA brand?), but I don’t think it is made any more. The 10/22 would be whole different animal with a steel receiver – could be a poor man’s durable battle rifle for SHTF (like in the Appleseed training).


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