The 4 Best Bowfishing Rest [2021 Update]

Today I’m going to show you the best bowfishing rest.

In fact:

I’ve hand-tested over 10 rests alone for this review.

The best part?

I’ve sorted each rest by use. So whether you’re on a budget or need the best bowfishing arrow rest, you’ll find it here.

Let’s dive in!

How to Choose a Bowfishing Rest

Want to improve your bowfishing accuracy and arrow stability?

If so, having the right bowfishing rest is essential.

Since bowfishing arrows are typically much heavier than traditional arrows, and because with bowfishing comes a good amount of moving around, rests are instrumental in maintaining your shot’s accuracy and stability.

What is a Bowfishing Rest?

A rest will prevent your arrow from moving when you draw the bow, and stabilize it until it’s released.

Bowfishing arrows are typically made from aluminum, fiberglass, or fiberglass with a carbon spine.

Because these are heavier materials, you need to use durable equipment that can handle both the weight of the arrow and a high number of shots.

You might be tempted to use your standard arrow rest for bowfishing, the one you take out for a long day of hunting in the woods or shooting at targets.

However, using a traditional rest for this purpose can be incredibly dangerous!

Most hunting arrows aren’t designed for bowfishing. Your line could get tangled in the rest, which can lead to serious injury.

Rests specifically designed for bowfishing use, on the other hand, have a more open design. This makes them less prone to complications.

What Kind of Rest is Best for Bowfishing?

There are several different styles of rests available, some of which are better suited to bowfishing than others.

When choosing a rest, I’d recommend staying away from both plunger-style and drop away rests.

Plunger-style rests don’t usually offer the stability needed to hold bowfishing arrows, and drop away rests have more moving parts than other types, which means they don’t have the necessary durability to withstand many shots in succession.

That being said, you should always base your decision on what kind of rest will best fit your needs and shooting style.

I’d recommend choosing from either:

  • A shelf-style rest
  • A containment-style rest
  • Or a roller-style rest

These are all suitable for bowfishing, and each offers different advantages.

Shelf-Style Rests

Shelf-style rests are the most simple types of rests available. They’re user-friendly and great for beginners.

They do not, however, offer much support for arrow containment. If you’re not holding the arrow in place, it could fall off with all the commotion and movement involved with bowfishing.

But, don’t let this deter you from shelf-style rests!

You could always try placing a wear pad or a small piece of leather on the shelf to help dampen the shot.

If you’re a compound or lever bow shooter, you might want to steer away from shelf-style rests.

The sight window on these bows tends to be cut pretty deep, making it difficult to keep the arrow in alignment.

Containment-Style Rests

Containment-style rests are my personal favorite for bowfishing.

They’re affordable, reliable, and generally very durable.

In my experience, they hold arrows in place better than any other kind of rest. Even under the most intense bowfishing conditions, mine have never pulled my arrow out of alignment!

I prefer Whisker Biscuit rests above all, but Quick Draw is a close second choice!

I’m a particularly big fan of Whisker Biscuit’s containment system, which features bristles (or “whiskers”) that hold the arrow in place.

Roller-Style Rests

Roller-style rests are a great option for any bowfisher who wants to increase their arrow’s speed.

These rests function as you’d probably expect, based on their name. A roller rides along the bushing, reducing the amount of friction between the arrow and the rest. After you release the arrow, the roller spins to allow for maximum speed.

Some roller-style rests include a containment system as well, so there’s no need to worry about your arrow falling off or out of alignment.

Other Factors to Consider

With bowfishing, your rest, nock, and string must all be aligned.

So, you have to make sure you choose a rest that will keep the arrow in line and won’t let it move easily.

Nearly every rest available today is adjustable.

Test out a few options, see how user-friendly the adjustment process is, and choose the one that lets you get the exact alignment you need.

It’s also important to consider the material the rest is made from. As you might expect, stainless steel and aluminum-constructed rests will be much more durable than those constructed with plastic.

Choose the Rest that’s Best for You

Above all else, choose the rest that best suits your particular bow and arrow, as well as your shooting style.

Take some time to research your options, and try some out in-store before you buy, if possible.

While some traditional kinds of hunting gear can serve for bowfishing, a traditional rest cannot. Be sure to purchase one geared specifically towards this purpose.

Don’t get sucked into the trap of just choosing the least expensive option, either – higher quality comes at a higher price, and this is one piece of equipment you’ll be glad you invested in!

The 4 Best Bowfishing Rest

If you’re pressed on time, here’s a quick list of the best bowfishing rest:

  1. Trophy Ridge Bowfishing Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest: Best Overall
  2. AMS Tidal Wave Shot: Best AMS Rest
  3. Muzzy 1080 Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest: Best for the Budget
  4. Muzzy Mantis: Best Muzzy Bowfishing Rest

1. Trophy Ridge Bowfishing Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest: Best Overall

With one of the best reputations in the industry, the Trophy Ridge Bowfishing Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest may be the best overall rest out there.

But can it live up to the hype?

I always want to see for myself, and you may be surprised by what my experience uncovered!


When it comes to improving accuracy, there was no question that the Wicker Biscuit makes a huge impact in the best way.

This rest allows me to maintain my trajectory during release every time. So critical to staying on target!

As I practice at the bow-range, I will tire and start to lose my accuracy. With this arrow rest, I don’t have to worry about losing my even keel.

It makes a huge impact on keeping me on target, even when I’m plum tuckered.


Incredibly effective, the Trophy Ridge Bowfishing whisker biscuit makes bow hunting so much easier.

Trophy Ridge has made this whisker biscuit so well, I can trust it to go out for a stalk with an arrow nocked and ready the entire time.

I’m out there making my guys jealous with my ability to wander about without having to constantly hold my fingers to arrow at all times.

So while they lose true over heavy terrain, I can navigate completely hands free without a second thought.

The added benefit of the completely silent reload brings this accessory firmly into next level ninja hunter status.

Windage/Elevation Control

It is super easy to adjust windage and elevation with this Trophy Ridge arrow rest.

My Kill Shot whisker biscuit is equipped with this ability, as is the Power Shot. Such a key feature to keeping me on target.

Up, down, left, right is not just a great cheat code. It’s a huge advantage to be able to set my shots up for distance and conditions.

The added reversible mounting is also quite handy for set up for right or left-handed work.

Just like my favorite tripod for shooting, there is no doubt the ease of use for windage and elevation with the Trophy Ridge gives me a huge advantage to being successful.


I’ve been using the Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit for several seasons, and it is seriously tough.

The aluminum biscuit is composite-encased for extra strength. The addition of the rubber boots, to ensure the silent reload I just mentioned, adds to the stability and overall quality feel.

I’ve been through all weather conditions with this accessory. I’m also got to say that I’m not always 100% surefooted.

No worries for me though, my Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit is unwavering.

Not to beat up my hunting buddies again, but there are so many times we’ve been out in the scrub and someone has lost their footing, dumped their bow, and demolished their cheap plastic accessories in the process.

I’m happy to report that when I land on my ass, this bad boy takes the hit without a nick. Trust me, this is something that has been tested. Repeatedly.


When it comes to cost, there is no doubt that the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit is worth every penny.

For less than it costs to fill up the tank in my truck, I get all of the attributes and benefits that continuously keep me a step ahead when I’m hunting.

Trophy Ridge Bowfishing Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest in Boxes

I’m no spendthrift, but I’ll pay for quality.

I’ve invested good money in my various hunting equipment. So I have no intention of buying cheap accessories for any of the tools at my disposal.

No different than buying the best ammo for my varmint shooting, I want the best accessories for my bow season gear.

My Verdict?

There is no way I’ll ever go out to bow hunt again without the Trophy Ridge Bowfishing Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest.

Improved accuracy, durability, and the multitude of ways this arrow rest makes my bow-hunting easier is such a difference-maker.

No doubt about it, this really is the best overall whisker biscuit arrow rest on the market.

You can get yours here:

Trophy Ridge Kill Shot Whisker Biscuit Archery Arrow Rest, Ambidextrous, Brown, Medium
1,159 Reviews
Trophy Ridge Kill Shot Whisker Biscuit Archery Arrow Rest, Ambidextrous, Brown, Medium
  • TRIED AND TRUE: World's most-popular rest sought-out by bow hunters of all skill-levels
  • AMBIDEXTROUS: Reversible mount design for use with left- and right-hand bows
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Easy corrections with advanced windage and elevation adjustments

2. AMS Tidal Wave Shot: Best AMS Rest

The AMS Tidal Wave Shot is the best bowfishing arrow rest made by AMS.

The Tidal Wave was created as an upgrade to the company’s popular Wave rest, and it definitely offers a great improvement in performance over its predecessor!

The only question is…

Can the Tidal Wave hold up over higher-priced roller-style rests?

Let’s find out!

Arrow Fit

The AMS Tidal Wave has a closed-off capture that holds your arrow in place tightly. No matter how much you move around, how choppy the water is, or how fast you shoot, it just will not fall off!

The arrow can be loaded into the rest by either snapping it in through the top or from the side. It’s quick and simple to set up, and you should have no problems doing so.

Some people like to use drones for deer hunting, and others for pellet hunting. I’ve found that drones can actually work great for bowfishing, too!

As soon as you spot your target from above, you can just pick up your rest with the arrow already loaded in, draw it back, and release without any worry of it shifting directions.

This is a roller-style rest, and the internal roller provides great control, reduces the amount of wear, and gives you an incredibly smooth and quick shot every time.


This rest gives both left and right-handed users a clean, crisp, fast shot with no issues at all.

The roller works well with no drag whatsoever. It’s a simple but rugged rest with all the features you need for successful bowfishing.

All I’ve had to do to keep the Tidal Wave running smoothly is retighten it every 100 shots or so. Just make sure to keep it tight, and it’ll never disappoint you.


The Tidal Wave’s price ranges anywhere from $35 – $40, depending on where you purchase it online.

It’s relatively inexpensive for a durable AMS rest. It won’t bend or break prematurely, and it’s definitely worth the price you pay for it.

Is the AMS Tidal Wave Shot Worth it?

The AMS Tidal Wave Shot has all the rugged features you need for bowfishing but still comes in a very simple, user-friendly design.

AMS Bowfishing Tidal Wave Arrow Rest - Made in The USA
274 Reviews
AMS Bowfishing Tidal Wave Arrow Rest - Made in The USA
  • The fast action of bowfishing requires gear that can be put to the test. Shooting can be fast and furious and bowfishing arrows are heavy. The arrow rest needs to be able to support the weight of the...
  • All of the important bowfishing features are packed into the ultimate arrow rest! Our best-selling, AMS Tidal Wave rest is as rugged as they come. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting at fast...
  • The arrow can be loaded through the rest or snapped in from the side. An internal spinning roller provides additional arrow control during the shot and reduces wear on the arrow shaft.

It’s one of my favorite AMS arrow rests for bowfishing, and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with its performance!

If you need a reliable, simple roller rest that won’t break the bank, I’d highly recommend the AMS Tidal Wave.

3. Muzzy 1080 Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest: Best for the Budget

The Muzzy 1080 Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest is the best budget-friendly bowfishing rest available.

Bowfishing is a treasured pastime for many non-traditional hunters.

While big game hunters might have to wait out for hours in the cold, trying to spot their target in the dead of night, bowfishers can enjoy their time on the water while simultaneously hitting theirs within a moment’s notice!

All of this, of course, is only possible with a stable arrow rest.

Can such a low-priced rest really provide the stability needed for this kind of hunting?

Let’s find out!


Bowfishing arrows fit perfectly into this rest.

Your fishing line lays nicely right under the arrow in the groove, allowing for a trouble-free pull that hits the mark every time.

This is partly thanks to the three-sided arrow capture, which keeps your shaft stable throughout the entire stalk and draw. You won’t have to worry about your arrow falling out of line whatsoever with this rest!

The Muzzy 1080 Fish Hook rest fits all standard rest mounts and is specifically designed for bowfishing arrows to ensure maximum reliability.

Ease of Use

This is a very simple rest, with none of the trouble or moving parts that come with more complicated roller rests.

While it is made of plastic rather than metal, the Fish Hook is still very durable and includes a wear pad for added protection.

Throughout countless fishing trips, I’ve never noticed any wear and tear on my rest.

The spike’s centering system gives you consistent shots and incredible side-to-side and front-to-back stability, allowing you to hit the same spot over and over again no matter how much you move around.

It does initially take a minute to line your arrow up correctly, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it loads very quickly and easily, allowing for simple fine-tuning.

The rest is windage adjustable, and the frame is even rotatable to account for both left and right-handed shooters!

It shoots fast and straight with no problems whatsoever.

No matter how choppy the water is or how much you move around in between shots, you can be confident you’ll hit your mark each and every time.


If you need a high-quality bowfishing arrow rest that will fit into a tight budget, the Muzzy 1080 Fish Hook is perfect for you.

Depending on where you shop, you can find this rest (with the threading bolt included) available for anywhere between $15 – $22.

For the price, you won’t find anything better. It’s very durable and easy to use, and I expect it to hold up well for years to come!

Is the Muzzy 1080 Fish Hook Worth It?

The Muzzy 1080 Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest is one of my favorite value-priced rests.

Muzzy 1080 Bowfishing Fish Hook Rest , Black , 7.5in. x 4in. x 1.25in.
200 Reviews
Muzzy 1080 Bowfishing Fish Hook Rest , Black , 7.5in. x 4in. x 1.25in.
  • Fish hook arrow rest allows the line to lay in the groove below the arrow for smoother arrow passage over the rest
  • Quick-loading design. You can fish with confidence knowing that you’ll hit the same spot every time.
  • 3-sided arrow capture to keep the shaft in place during the stalk and the draw

To recap, here are some of its best features:

  • Simple to use
  • Holds your arrow tightly
  • Offers high quality at a low price

If you’re a bowfisher on a budget looking for a quality open rest, I’d highly recommend going with the Fish Hook. It gets the job done well, every time.

4. Muzzy Mantis: Best Muzzy Bowfishing Rest

Bowfishing is one of the most challenging outdoor activities out there.

So, when you’re trying to hit a small, fast-moving, underwater target with a thin projectile, you’ll need all the help you can get.

The modern design of the Muzzy Mantis Bowfishing Rest adds a level of accuracy and convenience to your shots that will make all that time in the boat worthwhile.

Here’s how…


Built with a spring-loaded full capture door, the Mantis holds your arrow more securely than a traditional hook rest and makes it an excellent choice for quick draw shooting.

This means, instead of spending all your time stabilizing the heavier bowfishing arrows, you can take the time needed to line up the perfect shot.

Another stabilizing feature of this rest is the durable, low-friction Delrin center-grooved launch pad.

Not only does this pad keep your arrow in place before launch, it also guides the arrow through your release giving you a clean, accurate shot with hardly any wobble.

With a smoother launch comes the added benefit of less wear on the rest itself.

The Mantis also comes with adjustable windage and a rotatable frame which lets you tune your shot.

One thing I will add about the spring-loaded door is that it easily breaks if you aren’t careful.

My Mantis rest is still going strong, but a buddy had one that the bottom jaw broke off of after he placed an arrow with the slide stop down.

This should be an easily avoidable problem as long as you take care placing arrows.


The first aspect of a hunter’s comfort that I always like to mention is the weight of the gear they’re carrying.

This Muzzy model is designed with an aluminum frame and mounting bracket that makes it one of the lightest bow rests in the game.

It’s easy to install on any type of fishing bow and quickly loads all kinds of bowfishing arrows.

Plus, like the most convenient bowfishing rests in the market, this Muzzy can be adjusted to work for right or left-handed fishermen.

Is the Muzzy Mantis Bowfishing Rest Worth It?

If you are looking for the most modern, affordable bowfishing rest to improve your accuracy and add to your convenience, check out the Muzzy Mantis Bowfishing Rest. This rest is my top choice from Muzzy.

Muzzy Mantis Bowfishing Rest
63 Reviews
Muzzy Mantis Bowfishing Rest
  • Aluminum frame and mount
  • Spring loaded full capture door
  • Ultra-durable low friction and replaceable wear pad

Here’s why. It’s got:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Spring-loaded door
  • Delrin pad
  • Adjustable tuning

When I’m on the water and need a quick draw bowfishing rest that I can count on to give me the perfect shot and maximize my comfort, I always turn to the Muzzy Mantis.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed my best bowfishing rest guide.

Now I want to turn it over to you:

Which rest will you pick for your bowfishing?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment down below.

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