Airthereal MA10K-PRO SMART WiFi Ozone Generator Review (2024)

Is the Airthereal MA10K Pro SMART WiFi ozone generator worth it?

The short answer: yes. It does the job perfectly and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The long answer? Keep reading because in this Airthereal MA10K Pro SMART WiFi review, I cover everything you need to know about it and if it’s the right ozone generator for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Airthereal MA10K-PRO SMART WiFi Ozone Generator Review

My shed is weird, old, and smelly. 

I decided to get the Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart ozone generator to help remedy that. So why not review it?

Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart Ozone Generator

 I only care about two things right now: does the ozone generator work and will this thing kill me?

 The answer to these questions are yes and no (probably), respectively which means I’m recommending this product to anyone that might need it.

Keep reading so I can explain more about the Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart Ozone Generator.

Build Quality

The durability of a product is usually extremely important and plays a big role in my reviews, especially for firearms and optics. Speaking of optics, here’s a review of the Ozark Armament LPVO 1-6.

I didn’t really put this through its paces.

 I’m typically throwing things around on concrete or dunking them in water.

I figured that these ozone generators aren’t going to be a heavy duty, common use item. 

Here I’m looking for abnormal wear and tear.

There isn’t anything report. I did scuff it by mistake when I accidentally kicked it.

Other than that you’re looking at a fairly hearty piece of equipment.

Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart Ozone Generator buttons

You’re not going to find any hardware issues right out the gate and it’s pretty unlikely to just start falling apart.


I was happy with the results that this machine gave me.

I tested three different scenarios and all of them had favorable outcomes.

The first and only I’ll talk about at length was the aforementioned shed.

It was built in the 70’s and has since been nursing a pungent, musty smell.

When I first moved here, the smell was so strong and heavy that I could barely stand being in there for a couple of minutes.

It’s since been aired out, but that smell is still lurking around and I was ready to get rid of it for good.

Airthereal ozone generator

I set the MA10K in the center of the room and paired it up to the proprietary app which was surprisingly easy. I made sure I closed all the windows.

Then I used the Smart mode to basically do all the work for me. All that was required from me was room size and selecting a pollutant. 

Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart Ozone Generator vents

I closed my door and got everything started from my cell phone.

I went on about my normal business for a couple hours and actually ended up forgetting about it.

After more than an hour of the recommended waiting time, I went to retrieve the unit and catch a big whiff of my shed.

My shed now smelled straight up like a treated pool.

This is common from what I’ve read from other reviewers too.

Once the windows and doors were open for a couple of hours, the smell dissipated.

Now my shed didn’t smell like anything at all. The ozone generator worked perfectly!

I did two other similar tests in a friend’s garage and his old car and got similar results. 

In all three cases, the odor had been completely eliminated. 

The Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart worked perfectly and earned my approval, but I still need to go over the hazards as well as touching on the paired mobile application.

Health Hazards

Ozone is extremely dangerous. You’ve probably heard it alternatively called “smog.” Yes, that kind of smog.

It’s one of the main components, so you need to take extreme caution when operating this machine. 

If you are in the room when this is running it can cause some severe respiratory issues and greatly reduce your lifespan with continued exposure. 

Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart Ozone Generator fan

My point is that you can die if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s so important to carefully follow the included directions.

Damage to Materials

I would also highly recommend basically gutting whichever room you’re trying to deodorize.

Ozone can be corrosive to many materials, namely electronics, fabrics, and electronics. 

Just be aware that ozone isn’t a chemical that has no effect on anything other than bad smells.

The App

I’m not an app reviewer, but I figured I might as well mention it since it’s a main part of the user experience.

The app is fine. The user interface is good, simple, and smooth. I didn’t have any funky issues going on.

I also read through the privacy policy and everything seems above board as far as I can make sense of it. 

It’s easy to connect devices. You can connect up to 20 of those at a time. 

Using the actual device with the app is great too, everything is clearly labeled and should be easy enough for everyone to use.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to be recommending the Airthereal MA10K-Pro Smart Ozone generator.

It works great and will remove most smells you can think of.

The price isn’t so bad either. It’s 200 bones for what I consider top of the line.

Airthereal MA10K-PRO SMART WiFi Ozone Generator - 10,000mg/hr High Capacity O3 Machine - Odor Remover, Ozonator, Deodorizer, Sterilizer - Adjustable Settings for Any Size Room - Black
1,635 Reviews
Airthereal MA10K-PRO SMART WiFi Ozone Generator - 10,000mg/hr High Capacity O3 Machine - Odor Remover, Ozonator, Deodorizer, Sterilizer - Adjustable Settings for Any Size Room - Black
  • WI-FI CONTROL: The MA10K-PRO SMART can be controlled from your phone even if you’re not nearby. Simply download the free “AIRIA” app where you can adjust all settings, start, or stop the...
  • TWO MODES OPTIONAL: Use the smart mode to automatically adjust the settings or use the manual mode to adjust it yourself. Set the timer and adjust the ozone output once the room is unoccupied.
  • EFFECTIVE DEODORIZATION: With a max ozone output of 10,000mg per hour this ozone generator can remove and neutralize odors from, smoke, cooking, pets, and general “musty” smells in your home. Just...

The only thing is that I don’t see myself using that often.

The health hazards kind of freak me out. But I’m sure I’ll be glad to have it if I ever have another stubborn odor.

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